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Snow Cold Chiller is a leading solution provider for refrigerated transportation in Dubai. As a matter of fact, chief retail and food chain companies rely on us. Making possible fast & reliable refrigerated transportation solution.

Quality Control

We take no shortcuts on safety measures. Moreover, we make sure the cooling system is in perfect working conditions. Similarly, the cooling compartment of vehicles is kept clean & hygienic. Hence, we make sure of perfect conditions for the food items.

Chilled Temperature

We cater for chiller transport and refrigerated transport services all over Dubai. Hence, our vehicles are capable of maintaining a frozen, chilled, ambient and multi-temperature environment to keep perishable goods safe & fresh.


Snow Cold Refrigrator Transpot

Snow Cold Refrigeration Transport have best Refrigerated Trucks, Chiller Trucks, Chiller Vans, Freezer Trucks, Freezer Vans in U.A.E and GCC available for rent at very affordable price. We have Freezer, Refrigerated, Chiller, and Vans in different sizes for rent in Dubai and All over U.A.E on a daily, monthly, yearly, and trip basis.


Full-Service Solution

Chiller Vans

Transport small unit of goods (1 Ton)
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Chiller Trucks

Small & Large Units Capacity 3 to 7 Ton
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Freezer Trucks

Capacity 10 Ton (29 foot/ 9 mtr)
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Freezer Trailer

Capacity 25 Ton Trailers ( 40-45 foot/ 13.5 mtr)
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Transportation With Ease

With our super simple service we can take you from getting a quote, right through to being at your spot with all of your goods securely packed and safely delivered, at the destination of your choice.

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